Project Planning helps you break down your tasks into more manageable pieces, so you never miss a deadline. You also have centralized access to all of your projects, so you know who each task is assigned to, what deadlines you have coming up, and you can get a comprehensive view of each project.

Additionally, you can break your tasks into subtasks, write comments on tasks, and even view tasks by dependency. Creating a dependency means one task is dependent on another, so your team member won’t be able to move forward with another task until the dependent task is complete.

Keeping track of the amount of time all your team members work can be a hassle. That is unless you automate the process and integrate it right into your project management software as Zoho Projects.

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management solution that helps teams track both simple and complex projects. It includes several collaboration features, a built-in Gantt chart, a time-tracking tool and a gamification feature called Gamescope.

One of the coolest features of project planning is the Kanban Board. The Kanban allows you to see your workflow as cards you can sort by percentage completed, priority, or task list. This makes it easy for everyone on the team to visualize progress.