Samartha provides Zoho implementation services. We always start by analysing your current business process. we will sit with your team to thoroughly review your sales, marketing to understand requirements and current systems. Based on this review, we can make expert recommendations on what can be changed, augmented or implemented to meet your goals.

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ZOHO Training

ZOHO Training

Would you like your staff to know how to use ZOHO CRM to its full extent? The Zoho CRM Training course provides the ideal jumpstart for your team to use Zoho CRM more effectively.

Our courses are for two different type of audience. You can choose to train your administrator so they can use admin features and train your staff.

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Zoho Integration

Zoho Integration

Would you like to integrate ZOHO with accounting software? Or you would like your sales staff to make and answer the phone call directly from your CRM browser?

Samartha can help to integrate your Zoho CRM software with other third-party cloud software.

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Zoho reached 50 Millinoun users in Novmber 2019

How Project Management Software Saves Money For Small Business

Posted by Milind on Sep 21, 2020

Your small business reached a breaking point. Maybe a recent project was delayed, or perhaps someone used the wrong logo on a brochure. Your project is delayed, or you lost a client because you could not deliver on time. Something happened where you or your boss...

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Which Software Is Useful For Construction Project Management

Posted by Milind on Sep 20, 2020

In the construction business, when you don’t execute your plan well, things will slip through the cracks, literally! Watch your projects become a towering success using Zoho Projects, a comprehensive project management app.If you are managing a construction...

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Why do businesses need CRM?

Posted by Tanmay Kulkarni on Sep 7, 2020

Zoho CRM CRM systems are simple to use and accessible; all customer interactions can be viewed by anyone in your company, once permission is granted. This ensures that less time is spent on administration and all details are contained in a central location. Thus,...

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Artificial Intelligence in Sales

Posted by Tanmay Kulkarni on Aug 31, 2020

What is AI? Generally, when people say artificial intelligence, I get a little worried. Whether they’re trying to take down Will Smith in I, Robot, or hunting humans in Black Mirror, they almost always want just one thing: world domination. Despite these...

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Can you run your entire business with Zoho One?

Posted by Milind on Aug 26, 2020

Zoho One is a revolutionary suite that can run your entire business seriously. It has 40+ integrated applications that encompass everything like CRM, email newsletters, documents, inventory, and more. You simply need a username and password, integrate your...

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Zoho Projects

Posted by Milind on Aug 19, 2020

Project Planning helps you break down your tasks into more manageable pieces, so you never miss a deadline. You also have centralized access to all of your projects, so you know who each task is assigned to, what deadlines you have coming up, and you can get a...

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We believe that one size fits all is not the best strategy. We deal with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, the small business owner as well as the company with many sales staff

Each one has different requirements. We do not claim to be a silver bullet solution to all the problem. But we guarantee that using our solution you will have a better process in place that will in long run save you time, money.

As per requirement, we can provide business process consulting, Zoho consulting, Zoho set up or Zoho training for your staff.

We provide a free one-hour analysis to find out more about your business and to see if we are best fit to provide you solution.

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