Samartha uses following process for ZOHO implementation

First Free consultation

First consultations are free and a chance for us to understand what you want to achieve with Zoho. Once we know this, we can focus on your requirements. No two businesses are the same, so we reflect this in our packages which are transparent, flexible and professional.


After understanding your requirements we send you proposal that will include details of your requirements and our suggestions for implementation. If you accept our proposal we will move forwrd to discovery process.


We start each project with a discovery meeting, which usually lasts between 1 and 3 hours for more complicated projects, they may run longer.

We will talk about your current process that has been working and those not working. Which features you would like to use from ZOHO? Will you want to use Deals? Create Quotes from Zoho? Integrate other products? Build reports on activity?

Our goal will be to develop a system that is fine-tuned for your business and to develop a system that makes the lives of you and your teams much easier and more productive.


After our initial discussions, we can help you design the CRM system that supports your business processes.

We can create the custom fields, set up the custom modules to track any non-standard items, design layouts that are organized and clean without any unnecessary fields, build email templates to create quick responses or promote your business, add workflows to automate your business and create the reports and dashboards to help monitor your business. We can set up your users and define an effective system of security.

Data Migration
Whether you are converting from another CRM, importing your data from Outlook or a spreadsheet or bringing over your data from your accounting system, we can help you get your data into your new custom-designed Zoho CRM database.

We can import data from other CRM such as Salesforce, pipedrive, insightly, highrise.


Zoho has a suite of over 40 native products that can be used to run your business.

We can assist you with setup and learn any of the other Zoho Products as well.

Since Zoho is now one of the most popular online CRM, there are also a ton other products that can be integrated. That way you can keep using what works well for you while maximizing your use of Zoho.

We have integrated Better Proposal, Panda Doc, Google analytic and many other third-party software to ZOHO.


We can provide on-site or online training.
Our training can be for an individual or for a group.
We can use your custom-designed database for your online training sessions or can use our sample CRM training data.
We can cover both web and mobile apps during our session.
We also provide in-depth training for your administrators to help you be more self-sufficient.