Zoho is a compelling business suite of applications that provide unlimited abilities and opportunities for companies to grow. It’s one of the best enterprise-grade solutions on the market, with powerful features and flexible deployment options. The software is intuitive and full-featured, but more importantly, it’s easy to use.

However, the scope, versatility and potential of their business tools are hard to comprehend without a massive investment of time and effort. Zoho is Building great software for 25 years; Zoho has invested in improving its products to continue to amaze customers.

• Partners can build customised solutions for their customers by integrating with Zoho’s products.

• Zoho Partners have the experience, skills, and expertise needed to implement the Zoho software in all its aspects.

• A partner can help you implement and provide your business’s ongoing support to help you get the most out of your Zoho solution.

• They work closely with the Zoho team to ensure that the integrated solution fits perfectly within Zoho’s products’ ecosystem and that it continues to do so as Zoho’s product suite evolves.

• Their partners are known for their agility and understanding of their customers’ needs.

• Get the best implementation and support services for any Zoho solution.

Zoho does not customise or implement its software for clients. Instead, they rely upon work closely with competent, experienced partners like Samartha to provide implementation, training and support to customers. 

Zoho One is a fantastic starting point. As your Zoho implementation Partner, one of our goals is to develop a solid understanding of your business, along with your objectives. Then we design/customise the Zoho system to meet your requirements. Our knowledge of the Zoho systems and experience and expertise allow you to get up and use the system as soon as possible.  

Introducing any business software may improve efficiency, increase sales, improve customer service, reduce costs, and maximise profits. This is all about return on investment. (ROI) and getting an advantage over your competitor. 

In theory, you could spend months learning and experimenting with the system, but this is time-consuming and prone to implementation mistakes. Successful implementation of business systems such as Project management, CRM requires extensive requirements gathering and analysis. 

We know Zoho’s underlying data models, integration flows, and industry best practices. During the discovery stage, we capture necessary information from your organisation’s stakeholders to implement the most useful systems for your organisation. 

If you’ve never done it before, there’s a lot to learn because you won’t know the best way to put all the parts together until you see what all the features are in Zoho and how they interact with each other. Then you also have to know how to configure and customise the system. Learning the intricacies of business software takes a lot of time and many years to master.

There is no substitute for the experience and knowledge that a partner such as Samartha brings to the table. We’ve implemented Project management, CRM and business automation systems. Due to our vast experience in business technology, we can spot the gaps and problem areas; 

We’re also very good at discovering the places where we can maximise your ROI by fine-tuning the system to your business. 

After spending time during the discovery stage, we can add extra fields to capture necessary information, optimise the processes and workflows. The exemplary system implemented well can make a world of difference in the efficiency, effectiveness and profit of one business.

As your Zoho implementation partner, we get to know you and your business; we understand what’s important to your business, its drivers and objectives. Then, we work closely with your team to provide the services and support to make your Zoho One implementation a success and maximise your ROI.

Zoho implementation services are not cheap, but the resulting ROI will more than cover the cost.