What is AI?

Generally, when people say artificial intelligence, I get a little worried. Whether they’re trying to take down Will Smith in I, Robot, or hunting humans in Black Mirror, they almost always want just one thing: world domination. Despite these preconceptions about artificial intelligence, it can also be remarkably helpful, and this is often overlooked. Think about R2D2, from Star Wars, or CASE and TARS from Interstellar. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help you to wherever you need it, whether it’s in space or in sales, AI can be the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Unfortunately, this blog isn’t about space. It’s about sales. So let’s get started. First off, we need to clarify what AI is. To put it simply, artificial intelligence is a computer system which is able to perform tasks usually undertaken by humans. Examples of their uses include speech recognition, decision-making and translating languages. Sound familiar? Probably because artificial intelligence is used in our day-to-day lives. Siri is artificial intelligence. Google Translate is artificial intelligence. Online customer support is artificial intelligence. Not only is AI in our daily lives, but businesses have already started using it. Why? Let’s find out!

How can AI help you?

Businesses usually use AI to assist their understanding of their target customers. Albeit, this isn’t the only benefit of using AI. Other reasons include:

Resource and time efficiency: Businesses commonly use AI for administration purposes, including identifying high-priority emails and creating new contacts. 

Prospecting: AI can understand what leads can become a deal, generally by looking at the size of the company and titles, among other factors. It can also anticipate what solutions and discounts may be effective in converting a lead into a deal, based on past deals. 

Dynamism: the great thing about AI is that it is always up to date with information.

Where can I get my hands on AI?

Various companies provide artificial intelligence systems, but the one we are focusing on today is Zia, produced by Zoho. If your business is situated in south-west Sydney and would like to install an AI system to assist you in achieving your sales target, you can contact Samartha Information Systems (SIS), who specialise in Zoho products, including Zia, and are situated in the Macarthur region.

Zia is an AI-powered sales assistant who has many uses:

Multi-platform Interaction: Zia can interact with you via voice as well as chat-messages, so you can undertake any activity within Zoho’s CRM. For example, if you were unsure about your leads or wanted to understand sales forecasts, you can ask Zia, and she will answer. 

Finding the right customers: Zia analyses a variety of factors to produce a prediction score, between 0 and 100 for each lead. You can also filter the scores to find specific customers. This assists in the categorisation of leads so that your sales team will know what deals to follow up on. 

Better response to customers: Zia can examine the tone of every email you receive and let you know whether the customer is satisfied or discontent. It can also categorise which emails are of most importance. If you do not trust Zia to do this, you can even train her to identify specific tones, words or phrases to ensure that the predictions are correct. Furthermore, Zia not only tells you when to contact a customer to draw a favourable response, but reminds you when this time approaches. Thus you’re response towards customers and leads is ultimately bettered. Are you wondering how this works? Well, Zia uses you’re ‘SalesSignals’ (another feature of Zoho), such as when customers open and reply to emails, or respond on social media, to determine the best contact time. 

­‑Information and Analysis: Zia creates dashboards and reports, providing your business with a detailed view of the activities involved in making a sale. And this is all at your fingertips! Zia can not only interpret this information, and predict future growth or decline, but can also offer some solutions. 

In summation, artificial intelligence really isn’t quite as scary as Hollywood has shown it to be. Instead it’s surprisingly helpful, especially for sales. AI is growing among businesses, and it isn’t too hard to understand why. AI provides businesses with a plethora of advantages, especially over companies who don’t use it. If you’re unsure what AI system to use, we strongly suggest Zia, which is a product of Zoho. As aforementioned, SIS can assist you in the installation of Zia in the Campbelltown region.