Zoho Bigin

When it comes to managing relationships, nothing beats a CRM, and for small businesses, no CRM beats Bigin.

Let’s face it. CRMs are built with one core objective—to manage lead and customer relations across the different stages of the sales pipeline.

Bigin brings you everything you need in a solid CRM with a “less is more” approach. It comfortably balances the power of CRM with the simplicity of a spreadsheet at a fraction of the cost. Bigin is light, agile, and effortless—you can set it up from scratch, and get started in 30 minutes or less.

Spreadsheets are for numbers, not for people.

They may seem practical at first, considering the size of your business. However, you miss out on so much convenient tech that could single-handedly change how you do business.

Spreadsheets are time-consuming, don’t process information, and have become borderline irrelevant. Riddled with inefficiency, so many things could go wrong with spreadsheets.

Kanban chart 

Kanban-styled tools may look like easy CRM alternatives, but practically, they don’t even come close. Sure they are light, minimal, and functional, meaning you can set clear objectives and move along phases, but here are a bunch of basics they do not cover:

  • No customer context, meaning you still have to manually split tasks into phases
  • No automation, no creation of workflows
  • No actionable insights

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