Zoho CRM

CRM systems are simple to use and accessible; all customer interactions can be viewed by anyone in your company, once permission is granted. This ensures that less time is spent on administration and all details are contained in a central location. Thus, collaboration within businesses is also made easier. Overall, CRM has seen various businesses increase lead conversion and sales by up to 30% and customer satisfaction levels increase by up to 35%.

Problems Faced by Businesses

Many common problems, as faced by small to medium-scale businesses can be resolved via the use of CRM systems.

Problem 1: How do I know which customers are likely to become repeat customers?

Solution: CRM collects information about all customers; providing a detailed analysis of each. Data collected include a customer’s website, email, telephone and social media data. Thus, a greater understanding of your customers is reached. Subsequently, prioritising customers can now be based on fact instead of ‘gut-feelings’. By understanding your customers better, upselling opportunities also arise, attracting existing customers. Hence the aforementioned increase in sales.

Problem 2:  How can I keep in touch with my customers when my business is growing?

Solution: CRM provides a central platform for customer interactions; communications cannot be lost. Consequently, follow-ups are easier to keep track of, meaning businesses can still show all of their customers the personal attention they expect.

Problem 3: How can I use technology to better my business and its appeal?

Solution: CRM systems are extremely simple to use. They can also connect to many other business apps you may already be using, such as those that assist in accounting and billing. Thus, CRM is a more well-rounded technological system, providing businesses with all necessary information needed for customer interaction and satisfaction, whilst also being an uncomplicated tool to use.

Problem 4: With all the various media for communication nowadays, how can I respond quickly and effectively to consumers?

Solution: Since CRM gathers all information pertaining to communications through social media, email and mobile, it makes it easier for businesses to respond adequately to potential and existing customers. In this sense, customer support mechanisms are boosted via CRM systems.

Overall, Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is an increasingly essential business tool that many businesses have already use. Not only does it enable businesses to increase customer satisfaction by providing better customer support, but also increases referrals from existing customers. Furthermore, by providing and gathering detailed information about customers, businesses can concentrate on achieving sales on the right customers.

Businesses situated in and around the Wollongong, Campbelltown and Macarthur regions can contact Samartha Information Systems (SIS) if they are interested in adopting CRM into their company. SIS is based in Sydney and provide services in Wollongong, Illawara, Bowral and Macarthur, Greater western sydney area and uses customer relationship management as provided by Zoho.